The Murphy Brothers

…each have over 40 years in the mining industry, they have amassed experience in all phases of the mining business including management, risk analyses, site development, budgets, maintenance, government agencies and approvals, employees, contractors, vendors, sales, project finance, and intensive underground mining experience.

Ron has worked for most of the major mining companies at one time or another including Phelps Dodge, Freeport McMoran Copper and Gold, Echo Bay Mining Company, Magma Copper Company, Newmont Copper and many, many more…

Ron Murphy and Dan Murphy have identified the opportunity to acquire, develop and mine high-grade precious and base metal properties. Modern day mining companies are large monopolies that specialize in mining huge, low-grade ore deposits. This leaves a nice, high-profit niche for a medium-sized mining company that can mine smaller, high-grade vein systems or deposits at a high profit margin. The Murphy Brothers have the training, experience and technical knowledge to expedite these properties at lower production costs than could be achieved by many other mining companies.

Nicholas Barr – B.S. Geology

Consulting Geologist

Based in Arizona, Mr. Barr brings over 30 years of geology experience in exploration for gold, silver and base metals, oxide copper, massive sulfides, and gold placers. Mr. Barr has extensive experience in Arizona as well as Nevada, California, Idaho, Utah and Oregon.

His experience includes target generation, claim staking, permitting, surface and UG mapping, soil, mobile metallic ion and biogeochemical sampling, rotary, RC and core drilling and coauthoring 43-101 compliant reports.

Most recently Mr. Barr has also spent significant focus in underground gold exploration in Arizona.