The Company owns a 100% interest in three historic high grade gold properties. The properties include the past producing Spring Creek Mine, the Houdon Mine, and the Ellison Mine. They were all initially mined in the late 1800’s through to the 1940’s (sporadically) and again in the 1980’s. New Ruby is the first Company to combine all three assets into one contiguous package.​

The properties are primarily high grade, multiple quartz veins; chip samples have run as high as 600 oz per tonne* with veins as wide as 6 ft and channel grades of 0.90 oz per tonne* across the vein along with disseminated mineralization throughout.​

It is also important to note that there has been no detailed exploration or drilling, and mining has only occurred to less than 100 ft depth.​

These properties are contiguous and New Ruby has 30 wholly owned claims. Our immediate plan is to stake approximately 100 additional claims to cover the entire exposed vein and disseminated structure.

*Historic non-compliant

Additional staking was just completed mid-June, 2017, significantly increasing land holdings in the area.

Property maps on this website are yet to be updated.